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Commercial door hinge
COde:ESH011-1 Material:steel Size:3.5"x3.5"x2.4mm Finish:AB Packing:50pairs/ctn COde:ESH011-2 Material:steel Size:3"x3"x2.2mm Finish:AB Packing:50pairs/ctn

Bearing hinge
COde:ESH007 Material:steel Size:4"x3.5"x2.5mm Finish:SB(Satin brass plated) Packing:50pairs/ctn

Commercial door hinge
COde:ESH008 Material:steel Size:5"x3"x3mm Finish:AB/AC Packing:50pairs/ctn

COde:ESH009 Material:steel Size:4"x3"x3mm Finish:BB Packing:50pairs/ctn

Residential door hinge
COde:ESH012 Material:steel Size:4"x4"x3.0mm Finish:SBN(SATIN BLACK NICKEL) Packing:50pairs/ctn

Residential door hinge
COde:ESH010 Material:steel Size:3.5"x3.5"x2.0mm Finish:Yellow zinc Packing:50pairs/ctn

Commercial door hinge
COde:ESH013 With four bearings Material:steel Size:4"x3"x2.5mm Finish:PB+SC Packing:50pairs/ctn

T type butt hinge
COde:ESH015 Material:steel Size: see the drawing Finish: zinc plated Weight : 84g/pc

Door hinge
Code : ESH014 Size : W100*L 42.2mm*T 2MM Material : Steel Color : nickel plated Weight :108g/PC

self-closing hinge
Code : ESH030 Size: 70*38*25mm , T:1.5mm Material : Steel Color : nickel plated Weight :38g/PC

T type butt hinge
Code:ESH033 Material:steel Size: 4" Finish: zinc plated Weight : 140g/pc Packing : 250pcs/ctn

T type butt hinge
Code:ESH034 Material:steel Size: 5" Finish: zinc plated Weight : 236g/pc Packing : 200pcs/ctn

COde:ESB018 Material:zinc alloy Size: L70*W30*H6mm weight:40g

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